1. secfromdisaster:

    Late 1970s - early 1980s:

    Hip-hop culture, New York

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  2. 1llustr4t0r:

    Croft Alley.
    Find hundreds more Melbourne street art works at 1llustr4t0r.com

    Character by my mate Daek from Oz…

  3. letter-science:



  4. mine closeup on Flickr.

    South coast shenanigans from the weekend.

  5. andyaderintotrellicktower:

    Trellick Tower. Andy Aderinto

    Nice angle shot of my piece plus Trellick Tower…

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  6. merc & funk 2014 by funk1london on Flickr.

    Just some quick shit…

  7. mine closeup on Flickr.

    Friday’s effort…character by Corze.

  8. trelligraf:

    Graffiti - Corzse - Trellick Tower.

    Krew Mate Sprays - Corze

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  9. phed150:

    Cheech wizard- Vietnamese style
    #phed,#phedsgarden, #cheechwizard,#hanoi,#vietnam,#watdapho

  10. graffmanifesto:

    Haven’t been here for a while. by Citrus Topnote, Jr. on Flickr.

    My last effort from 2 weeks ago…

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  12. elkarto:

    police is not coming today

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  14. jtotheizzoe:


    Ernst Haeckel

    Not only was Ernst a Haeckel of an artist, he was a brilliant biologist and naturalist as well. 

    Side note: I have business cards, for some unknown reason, and there’s a Haeckel illustration on the back of each one.

  15. 4gifs:

    Waterbears can go without food or water for more than a decade. They can survive temperatures from zero to above the boiling point of water, pressure six times stronger than the deepest ocean trench, radiation hundreds of times higher than the fatal dose for a human, and the vacuum of space.


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