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  2. mine closeup on Flickr.

    Outline exchange with Web TC5 KAOS Inc…

  3. bagofdelights:

    Classic childhood books from yesteryear

  4. lehurlement:

    mine closeup by Citrus Topnote, Jr. on Flickr.

    Thanks for blogging! Time for me to reblog, my last piece - I’m too lazy on here sometimes….

  5. lehurlement:

    mine closeup by Citrus Topnote, Jr. on Flickr.

    saves me blogging it! My most recent piece, outline provided by Web KAOS Inc, TC5.

  6. Lech and Zubr. Merc and Corze…

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  7. mine closeup on Flickr.

    Dedication piece for Robbo.

  8. graffmanifesto:

    chain tuff city 2014 by chain 3 tmt on Flickr.

    The old master still doing his thing…

  9. secfromdisaster:

    Late 1970s - early 1980s:

    Hip-hop culture, New York

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  10. 1llustr4t0r:

    Croft Alley.
    Find hundreds more Melbourne street art works at 1llustr4t0r.com

    Character by my mate Daek from Oz…

  11. letter-science:



  12. mine closeup on Flickr.

    South coast shenanigans from the weekend.

  13. andyaderintotrellicktower:

    Trellick Tower. Andy Aderinto

    Nice angle shot of my piece plus Trellick Tower…

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  14. merc & funk 2014 by funk1london on Flickr.

    Just some quick shit…

  15. mine closeup on Flickr.

    Friday’s effort…character by Corze.